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Your Relationship Matters uses a Christ-Centered approach through mentorship, coaching, and education.  My name is Larry D. Johns, I am a Registered Clinical Social Worker Intern.  I earned my Bachelor's degree in Social Psychology from Park University, my Masters of Arts in Biblical Counseling from Luther Rice College and Seminary, and my Masters in Social Work from the University of Central Florida, with a certificate in Military Social Work. I am an Ordained Minister, and a certified facilitator for Prevention and Relationship Enhancement Program 8.0 (Prep 8.0) and Prepare and Enrich (Prepare and Enrich). I am also a retired Marine who served my country proudly for over 24 years.  I currently work at the Department of Veteran Affairs

Marriage Education is based on research that has determined what makes marriages succeed or fail. It includes information 1) on the benefits of marriage; 2) on what to expect and challenges all couples face in marriage; and 3) teaches the skills and behaviors that will help couples build strong bonds and keep their love alive.  Along with the research we believe that the Word of God is foundational for building strong and healthy relationships,

Marriage Education is NOT therapy. It does not involve a diagnosis
or "treatment"

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